When simple becomes complex, the system that was serving well in the past, is no longer a valuable value added service.

You bought that system either CRM/ERP/Build Management/Knowledge Base/ User Profiles, whatever, because it was SO EASY to use and then staff LOVED it.

Let us fast forward, now it is still there, and draining your valuable resources (Just like windows PCs always need TLC). How long can you go on while your competitors who don’t have the legacy headache are flying away?

Here are few real world examples,

When Microsoft promised future proof windows application framework (MFC), most developers and CTOs convinced it was the case. Even thousands spend countless days on companies expense attended the Trade Shows! What happened to it now? Well C# is latest flavor, right?

Angular JS was once a popular and good product, until google bought it and killed it. Yes, killed it. the creators went on claiming ‘Total Rewrite” to make it “faster” (as if the computers are getting slower by the day). Who is using Angular since 1.x? some dummies who know nothing else!

Java 1.5 was released to change everything. Didn’t it? Now how many companies are struggling to get away from it. But can’t. 80% of Java applications still running on outdated/unsupported version 8.

So why keep doing same thing and expect a different result?

AI is here to make things easier but if only a right solutions is on offer. So,’ don’t buy into paid advertising jargon and loose focus. Buying a wrong solution is not only costs NOW but also future of the company.

https://pivotcloudsolutions.com/ has the solution. With innovative application of #AI, instated of employing an army of consultants, https://pivotcloudsolutions.com/ employs #AI in innovative way, freeing you from legacy debt (in technical terms, technical debt accumulated over years)