Process Discovery and Automation (No Code RPA)

Traditional automation tools require a lot of manual intervention and an extended system learning curve.

Pivot Cloud Platform deploys AI agents that capture every process in the system. Discovered processes are documented and presented for automation. By choosing which process to automate is easy as ticking a check box, no programming skills required, or no steep learning curve.

In addition, Pivot Cloud Platform offers extensive insights and machine learning out of the box, which will increase your ROI by 5-6 times when compared to traditional RPA tools.

Key Features

  • Automates all data input via screen
  • Automates backend processes
  • Intelligent RPA provides decision making capability
  • Business Analytics

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent RPA means you can capture a complete business process which now requires no human intervention
  • Built in tools provides valuable business analytics as standard

Intelligent Automation

Pivot Cloud Platform contains patented AI technology that powers different business tools including RPA.

AI tools will be embedded into the system.

AI learns how the processes work as well as how data is processed

Each process can be exported to run as RPA

In addition, you can enhance RPA by applying machine learning model in the RPA console.

Unlike commercial RPA products which are heavily dependent on consultants, the capture and automation path chosen by Pivot Cloud Platform, enables your in-house staff to handle the automation with ease.


RPA Vendor comparison

Vendor/FeaturePivot Cloud PlatformBlue PrismUI PathAutomation AnywhereOpenRPA
Implementation time1 to 2 days4 to 6 weeks6+ weeks10-12 weeks4 to 10 weeks (depends on skills)
Feature rich Analytics YesYesYesNoNo
Programming skills requiredNoNoYesYesYes
AI AutomationYesNoNoYesNo
Capture & RepeatYesNoNoNoYes
Web and DesktopYesNoYesYesNo
Costless than hiring a developer$ 15000 to
$ 18000 annually.
Contact them for pricing details.Contact them for pricing details.Free (Required internal developers or consultants)
ArchitectureCloud Native ArchitectureClient Server ArchitectureWeb Based ArchitectureClient Server ArchitectureWeb Based Architecture
Integration requirementsNon-Disruptive
None required
Internal Experts RequiredInternal Experts RequiredInternal Experts RequiredInternal Experts Required + Internal Developers Required
* Sample RPA vendor comparison, not all vendors listed here.


Build new functionality on existing outdated, legacy systems. No need to compromise either interoperability or data integrity.

Intelligent Migration

Migrate COBOL, RPG to Spring micro-services. Once AI maps all business processes and rules, it is ready to move to cloud. ROI is far greater then maintaining legacy systems.

Process Insights

Captures business process maps and rules while legacy system operates as normal, with no down time. Make changes quickly and simply. Let Pivot Cloud Platform do the work for you.