Process Insights

Pivot Cloud Platform once configured, deploys AI agent that transparently captures all business processes (Visible or invisible) including scheduled jobs.

You don’t need a team of consultants to unravel your legacy system infrastructure as Pivot Cloud Platform with AI technology does the work for you without disrupting normal business.

Key Features

  • Non-Disruptive set-up
  • Maps all business process rules and logic
  • Micro-services generated are stored in secure repo, which can run anywhere i.e AWS, Oracle, Azure, IBM

Key Benefits

  • No legacy system downtime
  • Up-to 70% time savings
  • Up-to 80% cost savings
  • No Risk

How it works?

AI tools will be embedded into system in non-disruptive set-up.

AI learns the process flows and documents them.

Export the business rules and business processes in desired format.

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process insights


Build new functionality on existing outdated, legacy systems. No need to compromise either interoperability or data integrity.

Intelligent Migration

Migrate COBOL, RPG to Spring micro-services. Once AI maps all business processes and rules, ready to move to cloud. ROI is far greater then maintaining legacy systems

Intelligent Automation

Tired of learning yet another automation tool and all the requirements to with it? Why not give the job to AI, let it map and run the processes for you.