Intelligent Migration

Pivot Cloud Platform once configured, deploys AI agent who transparently captures all the business processes (visible or invisible) including scheduled jobs. The captured processes are turned into Micro-Services (Java or Python). The generated code complies to industry standards with no external dependencies, so, code can be changed and deployed as required by internal staff.

Key Features

  • Built in security
  • AI driven non-disruptive
  • Configurable
  • Data Analysis
  • Measurable KPIs
  • Attended/Unattended ML Models
  • Lower risk with AI

Key Benefits

  • Cost and Time reductions
  • Future proof, scalable solution
  • Improved productivity
  • Better User experience
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Leading Innovation then following competition

How it works?

Pivot Cloud Platform AI tools works with your system to capture processes and data.

AI maps all business process rules and logic.

Validates and enhances business processes using “Micro-Service Design Console”. 

Generates and deploys business processes to the Cloud.

Intelligent Migration


Build new functionality on existing outdated, legacy systems. No need to compromise either interoperability or data integrity.

Intelligent Automation

Tired of learning yet another automation tool and all the requirements to go with it? Why not give the job to AI, let it map and run the processes for you.

Process Insights

Captures business process maps and rules while legacy system operates as normal, with no down time. Make changes quickly and simply. Let Pivot Cloud Platform do the work for you.