Migration Challenges

Migration Challenges in real world

Legacy to Cloud migration is the process of moving applications and systems from in-house systems into the cloud.

Real life drama …

Experts vs Entrepreneurs

According to a recent study, the biggest challenge to cloud migration is the “Knowledge Gap”.

The next challenge is maintaining productivity during the migration.

How to address these critical problems?

Pivot Cloud Platform

Pivot Cloud Platform is an innovative way of working along side your current applications and systems and capturing how they work. With use of innovative AI and cloud native technologies, each and every application, module and process is examined and documented.

Since this is done without manual intervention, the only configuration required is to point the platform in the right direction. You gain a modernised version of your current old system which is still up and running.

Managing risk is the most important aspect of any CIO/CTOs job which has contributed to the reluctance to disrupt the day to day workings of older legacy systems. We understand this and the modernisation process takes place with no downtime to your live systems. In addition parallel testing comes as standard.