How Middle Management Crushing Progress

You might have seen Elan Musk advising to side-step hierarchy, walk away from unproductive meetings etc. It is so true, your middle managers stopped being productive but become resource managers with excel spread sheets.

Here is a true story how your organization is becoming a place of politics and crushing progress despite efforts to promote productivity!

In the days of consulting era of our company, I took consulting job with SME (we usually work with good and big companies like big banks etc., this was a change as we were middle of sensitive negotiations for our flagship product!). I liked the IT Executive, he can tell difference between a good and bad product and service. However the company was infested with a layers of middle managers who are neither productive nor helpful to the company’s progress, they only there because of bugs they created in the GOOD OLD days :).

One afternoon, the company entire external facing website and customer portal went off-line. (To tell you the truth, some of the internal guys are so stupid, they they it was still up because they can access from they desktop, they can’t even tell the difference between internal and external networks, had to show them on my phone :), you get the idea). The IT head was kept denying there was anything wrong with the website. It took 2 hours to convince other ‘middle-managers’ the site was DIFFERENTLY down. After another 2 hours it was announced they FOUND a fault in blade server and trying to get a replacement. That is not the fun part, they company spent 3 months exercising DR set-up and testing. it DIDN’T kick in, no one took responsibility. Whole day the company had no web site, external consultant has to come and fix the next day. Every middle manager trying hard to shift the blame, while company suffered a day’s trading lose, and unknown damage to the image of the company.

If you have such a set-up, you are toasted. You need professional help. If you are afraid to fire middle managers, you are going to be extinct in the new digital world.

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By – Guru Prasad, CEO, Pivot Cloud Solutions