Legacy systems not only ruin reputation but also could be costly mistake!

Yet again another company fined for not doing proper job on legacy systems.

“The settlement has been effected for an amount of US$75 million and is without admission of liability or wrongdoing of any kind by the parties,” Wipro said.

In the last few months there are many instances, Lidl with €500 Mil and 5 years later, had to scrap SAP implementation, one of the prominent low cost airline CEO was booted out as he didn’t know the glitch in legacy system that wrongly triggered tens of millions in over time payments.

Why is this is such a problem? Most companies buy/build system to suit their current needs. But due to software/hardware restrictions, network issues or changing business needs require changes that may or may not be properly documented. After few years, these fixes becomes so unmanageable, no one knows what is actually going on. In many instances, lot of middle level managers makes entire career out of  legacy system knowledge.

With fast changing technology landscape, the legacy systems not only difficult to manage but time-consuming to update. Most companies are afraid to touch them.

That is why we introduced ‘Phoenix AI’, a new generation AI which can learn and report/transform legacy systems. With minimal manual intervention and continuous learning,

The Only AI System can Beat the Legacy System.

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