What is Pivot Cloud Platform?

Given the complex web of systems and applications, which have gotten even more complicated with M&As, financial services leaders are looking for solutions and partners that help them meet regulatory compliance needs and build a secure environment.

Michelle Doss, Rackspace

Pivot Cloud Platform provides a simple integrated software solution that addresses the complexity of challenges that disparate business applications currently present.

For many it provides the opportunity of realising full digital transformation for the first time by modernising legacy systems automatically. In addition it removes the need to be an expert in order to realise the benefits of the latest technologies.

Our platform takes care of the complexity while putting control back into the hands of your existing teams. It enables your business to increase efficiency and to offer your customers more personalised products & services, while reducing your expenses dramatically.

Lets say I want to make a change to my payments schedules. Currently that involves obtaining managerial approval, waiting for the requirements to be written and the engineers to be freed from other projects so they can write and test code before it is released live into production.

Pivot Cloud Platform means I can make that change in minutes. Minutes. Just like giving a tractor to the farmer who was using a horse driven plough. Employees will become more productive as the non-disruptive set-up will enable them to focus more on your real business requirements.

Pivot Cloud Platform is an innovative patented software that provides a “Non Manual” migration path for legacy systems into cloud micro-services architecture and languages with the aid of AI.

Pivot Cloud Platform Overview

Cobol to Cloud Micro-services

Adding a secure login to your existing Legacy System

Process Change with Pivot Cloud Platform

Digital Transformation with Pivot Cloud Platform