Health Care Solutions

The delivery of healthcare is undergoing a transformation worldwide as it tries to incorporate the latest technologies which have the potential to revolutionize patient care. In reality, this involves digitizing and integrating a disparate group of providers including GPs, Hospitals, Pharmacy, etc around a patient-centric business model that ensures a high level of integrity and security. Current data is in many different formats including paper.

Pivot Cloud Platform supports the modernisation of legacy systems into cloud based mobile applications.

Automated Appointments Management

Automated appointments management with AI and RFID. Automatic cancellations (patient and clinic notifications with no manual intervention from administration staff) including mobile and backend systems updated.

Mobile Apps with built in AI model

Mobile apps are an increasing feature in the modern provision of health care services not just for patients but for clinicians and other specialists service providers. This involves the transmission of sensitive personal data in cyber space where privacy is very important.