Enough already – AI will not destroy the world!

AI (or Artificial Intelligence to those of you not in the know) is the best thing that could happen
for humans right now. Why? Well it’s simple. We either up our game or we might just fall by the wayside as a species, or worse still , destroy the earth. The worst thing that could happen with AI is that  thought centres of the future decide that we are more trouble than we are worth for mother earth and eliminate us.

We could destroy the world all by ourselves.

But in the interim we have a fabulous opportunity to reduce and eventually eliminate menial tasks in favour of more challenging and expansive pursuits that would enable us to realise our potential as a race in terms of Art, Literature, Sport, Philosophy, Architecture and other forms of creativity that at the moment we can only dream of. With more time on our hands we may even realise how fortunate we are to live on this planet for a few brief years. When did you last have enough time to really look at the moon or the stars, admire a bird in flight, or marvel at the changing colours of the leaves in autumn. When did you last feel inspired? It most certainly wasn’t when you were up to your eyes in admin work.

Yet still the negative messages concerning AI prevail. We are all familiar with the nay sayers who state; We could loose our ability to think!; We could become zombies as our collective addiction to technology increases. Yes these are all possibilities but I believe unlikely probabilities. Why? Because I trust in the human capacity to rise to this challenge and our capacity to grow beyond the obvious pitfalls inherent in the impending AI Revolution.

While AI and ML (Machine Learning) are only in their infancy in terms of development, already they are impacting our lives. Smart homes are here and we can rely on technology to anticipate our needs in terms of eg. our heating requirements based on outside temperature and our past recorded ambient room temperatures. AI is also impacting the office and not just the IT departments. With the introduction of RPAs (Robotic Process Automation), aka BOTs, which are automated applications used to perform simple and repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming, mundane or impossible for a human to perform. Many are used over the internet and require no servers, no IT expertise and above all are simple to use. While many of us are familiar with chatbots eg. when we want to order a pizza or renew our insurance online, we are just beginning to wake up to the application of bots in other areas of our lives.

Current applications for BOTs include checking through e-mails for words or phrases to assist HR or Customer Service to anticipate problems or successes in system functionality to speed up response times or prevent PR disasters. Administration departments can check through files, interrogate websites, explore Social Media accounts and produce reports in a fraction of the time it would take a team of people previously, to give insights on campaigns and give significant business competitive edge. Most are operated over the internet on BOT Platforms that make them very user friendly requiring no specialist IT skills.

So do you now believe me when I tell you that AI is here and ready to ease your work load and open up more opportunities for you? You could be using your first BOT in just a few minutes. Take a look at the Phoenix Bot Market. https://www.pivotcloudsolutions.com

Written by: Jacinta M
Pivot Cloud Solutions