Energy Sector Solutions

When you think of the challenges facing the energy sector, software and meters might be the last things that spring to mind. Fortunately, our experts kept those concerns front and center when it came to designing innovative solutions for your business.

Our Pivot Cloud Platform takes care of your IT complexity while putting control back into the hands of your existing teams. It enables your business to increase efficiency and offer your customers more personalized products & services while reducing expenses dramatically.

Oracle CC&B Blackbox UI

Oracle CC&B has withdrawn their support but a large number of organisations are still using outdated systems with complex stored procedures and XAI interfaces. With the growing need to use modern cloud technology, most CC&B customers are fire fighting and inter-facing front end systems with Cloud CRM systems and running batch jobs to accommodate partial requirements.

Pivot Cloud Platform’s Blackbox solution is created to address the problem. By encapsulating the CC&B and non-disruptive XAI service execution, our solution is simply a matter of plug-n-play. Once deployed, new features and services can be deployed in minutes.

Oracle Application Rapid Development with Pivot Cloud AI

Working with Oracle Applications can be challenging if you don’t want to hire expensive consultants while perhaps having minimal control over the quality of the end product. You have had to compromise because it was the only available solution. Till now.

With Pivot Cloud Platform, the complex ‘buried in the convoluted settings’ applications can be migrated and isolated while you are free to work in the cloud to implement modern applications in days, not months.