Digital Transformation (A case study)

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

Digital Transformation is a new buzz word but in reality, it is made up of dozens of small processes in the organization that are automated.

We are quite thrilled to start Phase II of our Digital Transformation Tool – Phoenix. On the eve of the event, we ran through no of the projects we worked on achieving the same but in a manual consulting capacity. It is time to share one of them that could highlight the productivity gained and the cost savings which drove the Insurance company into hyper-growth.

The company (like many) has an online presence but does not have full end-to-end process automation, most of the processes are manual and proven to errors. When we took-up the task, the company was already brought IBM workflow manager which is the backbone for agent workflow automation. Besides numerous micro-upgrades, one particular activity we took-up and saved the company 80%-85% time. Automating one such process not only saved the company money but also true digital transformation as the system is no longer dependent on  9-5 employees.

In every organization, There are processes and workflows that can be automated, only if the team know-how and what is going on within the system. That is where our Pivot Cloud Platform ( comes to help you. Pivot Cloud Platform not only analyses using innovative AI core but also can automate tasks.

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