CRM and Artificial Intelligence

NetSuite Blackbox

Pivot Cloud Platform reduces the time-to-market for delivering new features and services while managing the current system as it is. In addition, performance issues are a thing of the past.

NetSuite Migration

Pivot Cloud Platform once configured, deploys an AI agent who transparently captures all the business processes (Visible or invisible) including scheduled jobs. Then you can easily change, amend or enhance any business process without legacy technical debt.

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Salesforce Automation

Pivot Cloud Platform makes it child’s play to interact with and manage salesforce integration. Simply target legacy system interactions and define how to interact with salesforce in a visual drag-drop studio.


AS400 to Salesforce Migration

Pivot Cloud Platform once configured, migrates your entire AS400 data storage (whether it is VMS or DB2 or file storage) to salesforce automatically. No manual tinkering required, so you can enjoy the benefits of AI in action. Suitable for those looking for large volume conversions.