Black Box Your Legacy System

While legacy applications may be based on outdated technologies, they are critical to day-to-day operations. Many have hardware and software support issues, present serious security concerns and don’t lend themselves to ease of integration with other systems.

Key Features

  • Captures core business functionality automatically
  • Runs parallel to legacy system
  • Changes can be made in minutes
  • Legacy system black boxed until ready to switch off

Key Benefits

  • No technical downtime and no disruption
  • Up-to 70% time savings
  • Up-to 80% cost savings
  • User friendly modern technology

How it works?

Pivot Cloud Platform captures legacy core business processes automatically and translates them into a modern micro-services architecture which sits on top of your legacy system.

Changes are made using the platforms low-code/no-code development tools which non techies can use. The now black boxed legacy system runs in parallel until you are ready to switch it off.

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Process Insights

Captures business process maps and rules while legacy system operates as normal, with no down time. Make changes quickly and simply. Let Pivot Cloud Platform do the work for you.

Intelligent Migration

Migrate COBOL, RPG to Spring micro-services. Once AI maps all business processes and rules, ready to move to cloud. ROI is far greater then maintaining legacy systems

Intelligent Automation

Tired of learning yet another automation tool and all the requirements to go with it? Why not give the job to AI, let it map and run the processes for you.