Banking and Financial Services Solutions

While most banks are closed every interaction with their customers is taking place via a digital platform. Those that do not provide reliable, personalised mobile experiences that are responsive to their customers financial needs will loose out to competitors.

Branch banking is rapidly being replaced by a more direct banking business model. Those incumbents who held onto their legacy systems find themselves seriously challenged and in danger of becoming obsolete.

We at Pivot Cloud Solutions have applied our considerable banking and IT expertise to address those issues that pertain to incumbent banks and financial institutions not least the modernization of legacy infrastructure. We understand the constraints and have created tools that even non-techies can use that employ the latest technologies.

Pivot Cloud Solutions understands the urgency to adapt quickly and economically amidst an industry-wide technical skills shortage. Pivot Cloud Solutions addresses your business challenges and more by providing future-proof solutions and tools that facilitate change while simplifying your use of the latest technologies to deliver cost-saving agile solutions at speed and to scale.

As you don’t need to understand a software operating system to utilise your laptop, in the same way you don’t need to be a data scientist to use our AI driven Pivot Cloud Platform for your business.

Transaction Tracking

Internal transaction tracking is an important component in the provision of real time customer financial information. Usually most transaction status and details reside in different internal systems which present problems for end-to-end tracking, eg payments. Our innovative technology provides solutions.

Pivot Cloud Platform “Process Insights” once deployed, tracks and traces all the way to data source. Unlike conventional systems that only allow users to visualise or trace with in one system, Pivot Cloud Platform can trace through all the way to the data source and third party interfaces. It is quite useful in test and staging environments where every path and piece of data is vital for the integrity of customer transactions.

Third-Party Product Migration

Pivot Cloud Platform “Process Insights” once deployed, understands business logic and rule sets in third party systems deployed internally. Since Pivot Cloud Platform AI does not require source code or a separate system deployed for migration, the current system while operational will be systematically migrated to cloud micro-services.

Analysis and Notification

Data analytics comes as a standard feature of our integrated platform solution that enables you to monitor and assess large amounts of customer data and create products and services that reflect a more personalised response to individual consumers changing needs.

Pivot Cloud Platform “Process Insights” once deployed, can build new auto-trained AI models which will monitor and notify based on user criteria. Unlike traditional tools, Pivot Cloud Platform is dynamic, therefore search and notification criteria need not necessarily be previously defined.


Intelligent Web Application Firewall (WAF) with AI

Web based applications require additional security measures to protect against cyber attacks. Our intelligent web application security provides real-time traffic insights that simplify the management of network security.

Pivot Cloud Platform’s trained Web Application Firewall, unlink static firewalls, do not need the provision of URLs or access points. Intelligent WAF will learn while online and self-train and adjust while in training mode. Once deployed only exceptions need to be approved or rejected. Based on data and risk score (calculated by the AI during training sessions), the AI will minimize false-positives over a period of time to near zero.