AS 400 / IBMi / iSeries application Black Box

Blackbox with AI

Any legacy system developed and operational over a period of time can be hard to maintain as well as hard to terminate. Sometimes data and logic embedded in the core systems are valuable but need to deploy functionality quickly and effectively are needed.

In such cases, ‘Blackbox’ the application, meaning, Let the application run as it is in isolation while developing new functionality easily. Unlike conventional API or Messaging based solutions, Pivot Cloud Platform uses innovative technology which delivers new functionality seamlessly while preserving integrity and data.

Pivot Cloud Platform once configured, deploys an AI agent who transparently captures all the business processes and data. Unlike consulting firms, the Pivot Cloud Platform relies on AI Machine learning to determine the exact ‘fact-based proof’ to figure out the logic behind the code. For the average cost of one consultant, you can hire the Pivot Cloud Platform, which is the most cost-effective solution on the market.

Here is how it works…

Step1 : Non-Disruptive Set-up

Pivot Cloud Platform targets the AS400 Application(eg. JDEdwards app, SAP process, CRM batch) whether it is a green screen application (ex. BMS) or exposed to Browser based (ex. via MQ/middleware). Start using the application as normal, Pivot Cloud Platform isolates them.

Black box

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Step 2: Develop New Services

Pivot Cloud Platform Service Console provides an easy to use platform for developers and business analysts. You don’t have to be very technical, just computer literate to start developing new features immediately without worrying about the legacy back-end.

Step3 : Create new functionality

Start deploying to cloud with your chosen environment (ex. in house cloud, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Oracle, Azure)

With the generated services, you can start making new features available to your desired audience. ex. create multi-factor authentication for older web applications, Change invoice processing flow by adding a new form, auto-fill claims form from the online CRM system. There are no limits to the developmental possibilities while protecting the integrity and security of the outdated systems.


Step 4: Start using the new functionality

Pivot Cloud Platform delivers new functionality along with black boxed system functionality. End-user would not be able to distinguish old or new features as the system performs as an updated app.