AS 400 / IBMi application to Cloud

COBOL veterans say it takes more than just knowing the language itself. COBOL-based systems vary widely and original programmers rarely wrote handbooks, making trouble-shooting difficult for others.

Pivot Cloud Platform once configured, deploys an AI agent who transparently captures all the business processes and data. Unlike consulting firms, Pivot Cloud Platform relies on AI Machine learning to determine the exact ‘fact-based proof’ to figure out the logic behind the code. For the average cost of one consultant, you can hire Pivot Cloud Platform, which is the most cost-effective solution on the market.

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Old COBOL Customer List Screen
Generated Micro-Service accessible via Browser

Here is how it works…

Step1 : Non-Disruptive Set-up

Pivot Cloud Platform targets AS400 Applications(eg. JDEdwards app, SAP process, CRM batch) whether it is a green screen application (ex. BMS) or Browser-based (eg. via MQ/middleware). Start using the application as normal, Pivot Cloud Platform learns all the logic and data flows.


Step 2: Migration

Pivot Cloud Platform “Process Insights” once deployed, understands business logic and rule sets in third-party systems deployed internally. Since Pivot Cloud Platform AI does not require source code or separate system deployed for documentation, the current system while operational will be systematically analyzed and migrated to Micro-Services.

Step3 : Deploy to Cloud

Start deploying to cloud with your chosen environment (eg. in house cloud, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Oracle, Azure)

Since the generated code is fully compliant with Open Source standards, there is no third-party code or licenses to worry about, giving you a fully future-proof code base to extend current and future business requirements.