Are Legacy Systems holding you back?

Businesses are learning countless lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. For many financial services companies — thrust into a central role dispersing federal aid — the danger of relying on outdated tech infrastructure might become so clear that they accelerate the messy process of modernizing the old but critical applications that move money around the world.

Tom Krazit,

At the height of the COVID19 pandemic in USA New Jersey put out a request for COBOL programmers in response to a demand for increased services. COBOL is a 61 year old programming language used on mainframes which remains in use globally, particularly in financial and insurance applications and in large enterprises or government departments.

This seemingly improbable scenario begs the question as to why they hadn’t upgraded before now. But any CxO familiar with this issue of outdated legacy infrastructure knows that change involves considerable time, cost and high risk. Many attempts have failed because it is not unlike performing surgery on a conscious patient as they go about their daily work.

Current global circumstances are such that many incumbents face a stark choice of either modernising or they will be out of business by the end of the decade.

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