Adding SSO to Existing Infrastructure

Like many organisations before us, we required additional services to support our growing needs. We decided to combine all our demo servers infrastructure under user federated authentication and authorisation. The challenge was to keep our current system free from change while adding additional security (In our case One Time Passwords via Mobile device app).

Steve Jobs

“If you build the base strong, you can lift mountains.”

Steve Jobs, Founder Apple Computers

Time needed: 2 days.

Deploying SSO system

  1. User Federation System

    Out of the box Key Cloak installed and configured (4hr 30m)

  2. Configure Client Credentials

    Set-up Vendor way of configuring the basic necessities (2 hr)

  3. Adding SSO to legacy system

    Adding ‘Non-Disruptive’ SSO user federation (4hr 30m)

  4. Testing SSO

    Testing across all the servers (2hr 30m)

  5. Nice cup of coffee

    Cheer up with a nice cup of coffee( 0hr 30m)

Total cost of implementation 2 man days.

Products included in the development and delivery

  1. Pivot Cloud Platform
  2. Keycloak Docker Image (Open Source and Free)
  3. OpenID client library (Open Source Library and Free)
  4. Multi-Factor Authentication with mobile App (we use FreeOTP and Google Authenticator)
  5. Option to add SAML client (Bonus)

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