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Covid19 Unprecedented impact on Business

PCS explores how Covid19 will hasten the introduction of truly digital services.

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One of the main stumbling blocks for digitisation in the banking and insurance sectors is the prevalence of legacy systems and old mainframe processes. Fintech and Insurtech newcomers do not have the millstone of old Cobol languages to contend with when they create new applications which gives them an advantage in the new open banking environment. PCS uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technology to simplify your business transformation while maintaining your business continuity. Our platform captures your legacy business processes and legacy business rules and translates them into the cloud. All this is achieve without a team of consultants and with no downtime to existing systems. You have a choice between legacy to java code or legacy to micro services format. Once the process capture and process migration is complete you can choose to blackbox your legacy system. Business analytics and intelligent automation comes as a standard part of the annual licence fee.